- PHP 4.1.0 version is desired. Please use the older versions at your own risk;
    - There is “iconv” library available, in case of using a charset different from UTF-8;
    - To add images from Media Manager via the https protocol it is required that open ssl for PHP works on the server.

CuteNews 2.0.3 release notes.

    - Fixed generation of thumbnails in Dashboard > Media manager.
    - Fixed error of storing thumbnails when deleting the original image file in Dashboard > Media manager.
    - Separated the functions of thumbnail generation and image resizing in Dashboard > Media manager.
    - Fixed bug with thumbnails not moving when the original image was moved in Media manager.
    - Fixed behavior of multiple files uploading form in Dashboard > Media manager, now the contents of previous file selection field is not reset when adding a new file selection field.
    - Adjusted pop-up message appearing when trying to download a file with a size larger than that specified in the option PHP upload_max_filesize in Dashboard> Media manager.
    - Fixed error with moving file groups to different folders in Dashboard > Media manager.
    - Added message 'No selected files for upload' to Dashboard > Media manager.
    - Corrected behavior of checkbox Move up when moving files to media Manager.
    - Fixed layout of messages displayed in inline Media manager.
    - Added avatars to Dashboard > Personal options and output avatars variable {avatar} to news  templates.
    - Fixed bug with saving flag 'Hide my e-mail from visitors' in Dashboard > Personal options.
    - Removed duplicate message 'Confirm new password' in Dashboard > Personal options.
    - Added preview of quick and full news according to their templates when editing / adding news.
    - Fixed bug of links generating in news preview block when editing / adding news.
    - Improved the conversion of diacritics when generating a page alias when editing / adding news.
    - Fixed the bug of resetting the date of publication when previewing news when editing / adding news.
    - Added protection against Clickjacking attacks in Dashboard.
    - Eliminated possibility of  XSS-attack via error when editing comments.
    - Fixed bug with access rights checking when deleting user comments.
    - Added message 'No data for update when editing the group' in Dashboard > Groups.
    - Fixed bug in Dashboard > Block IP, which was leading to users blocking themselves.
    - Added message 'No selected options for migration' in Dashboard > Maintenance> Migration.
    - Added option 'Overwrite current system settings' in Dashboard > Maintenance> Migration, allowing for overwriting configured settings.
    - Removed dot in news identifier in the link to comments.
    - Adjusted displaying of a list of recent comments in Dashboard > Comments.
    - Fixed bug with saving configurations during the installation of CuteNews, now CuteNews is not trying to save a configuration when the user doesn't have rights to write to cdata.
    - Improved the work of CuteNews with paths during file operations in Windows.
    - Improved overall stability of the system.

CuteNews 2.0.2 release notes.

    - For additional security, all news, comments and configurations are coded in base64.
    - Added migration from version 2.0.1 to 2.0.2. 
    - Fixed bugs appearing during migration from version 1.5.3. 
    - Fixed the functioning of the Preview button in the migration section.
    - Added error messages during migration.
    - Added an option of automatic generation of Page Aliases when news is added.
    - Added an option of disabling the standard comment system.
    - Added an option of controlling the maximum width of loaded images in Media manager.
    - In Dashboard > Categories, the checkboxes for adding and deleting categories are replaced with buttons.
    - Prohibited creation of duplicate categories.
    - Changed the algorithm for calculating Id for category.
    - Fixed banning of users.
    - In Dashboard > Groups, the checkboxes for deleting, resetting the system groups to the default value are replaced with buttons. The functions of adding and editing of groups are applied to different buttons.
    - Prohibited editing of rights in the admin and ban system groups. 
    - Adjusted the layout of templates in Dashboard > Templates.
    - Fixed the functioning of the [cat] tag.
    - Fixed the display style of the [quote] tag.
    - The Preview checkbox in Add News is replaced with a button.
    - Fixed the layout displaying preview in Add News. 
    - In Edit News, error messages redirecting to another page are replaced with pop-ups.
    - Fixed adding of images to Media manager via links.
    - Fixed the display of thumbnails in Media manager. 
    - Fixed the error of displaying pagination.
    - Fixed processing of indexes on Windows based servers.
    - Adjusted the display of text on the Delete comments button according to the number of comments.
    - Adjusted the layout on the example.php webpage.
    - Fixed the behavior of comment form after adding/editing of comments.
    - Fixed user authentication when logging in via comment form.
    - Fixed the account of group rights when user is working with comments.
    - Improved overall system stability.


    - PHP 4.1.0 version is desired. Please use the older versions at your own risk;
    - There is “iconv” library available, in case of using a charset different from UTF-8.

CuteNews 2.0.1 release notes.

    - Fixed HTML escaping;
    - Fixed date formatting (added the option to enter days of week in any language);
    - Updated the display of news items, improved pagination, fixed search form (the link to the news from the search is now working);
    - Fixed display of ID category in Integration Wizard;
    - Added the $ignore_rewrite option available for the news that doesn't require rewriting;
    - Added “smart” cutting of words via bb-tag [truncate=N]..[/truncate] (ignoring of HTML markup tags), counting of actual words;
    - XSS: tags from news are not cut out, except for "script" in various forms;
    - Fixed counting of active news items for pagination, old indexes are replaced with new ones, added sorting by tags;
    - Fixed CKFinder implementation, added a plug-in;
    - Added "Switch to html" mass action in News Listing;
    - Removed the "IP ban" counter in order for configuration not to return to its default value;
    - Fixed the Integration Wizard bug (which showed ")" at the end of the template);
    - Fixed the bug connected with the $template option which failed to work giving the default error;
    - Fixed thumbnails formation in the media gallery - now thumbs photos are displayed separately;
    - Added "anchor" in bb-tags to generate links in the format: id=<Id>#my_anchor ;
    - Added alphabetical sorting in the media gallery;
    - Removed "greed" of bb-tags capture ([link]...[/link] .... [link]...[/link] captured and formed only one link instead of two).

CuteNews 2.0 release notes.

    Since we had launched CuteNews 1.5.3 some fundamental architecture and modules changes occurred.

    The main architecture changes.


        The main changes concerned news, users and settings storage systems. News is saved in cdata/news. Indexes and
        databases were developed for the acceleration of news access. The news grouped by days are stored separately.

        The usage of indexes helps users accelerate news access. The amount of active news in an index doesn't matter.
        While successive reading the listing appears in a moment even if there are 100000 news items of different sizes.
        But also we should mention the points that can brake the process of news output:

        * It cuts the capacity by half because of news reverse when the program requests for indexes in full;
        * It cuts the capacity by half after the filtration process or sorting: category, userid, comments count;
        * It cuts the capacity by half after the requests for non-standard fields, like tags.

        So it's recommended to archive news once a month because of the tables' size, it will prevent the access speed
        from problems. Or you can use another storage system (like MySQL, but it's not available yet).

        The change of the power adapter of a database is available. 'coreflat' in the version 2.0.

        Users and news are saved in the subfolder 'users'. For users storage are used the indicial file and unique cross
        indexes of an id, username, email that are saved together with users data.

        There is protection from damaging files in multiple competing entries, which helps to avoid data corruption of
        news, users and system configurations while multiple rewriting of the file as it was previously.

        The configurations like templates, settings or blocked ip or user are stored in the protected file conf.php.
        You can easily delete it but in this case you lose all the settings.

        Extension {placeholders}

        A different system of recognition of {placeholders} and [bb-tags] operates in the CN 2.0. Any {placeholder} and
        [bb-tags] in news will be replaced by " " empty tags as it can be important to avoid XSS and unlocked plugins.


        In this version of the Cutenews insecure characters are escaped with the help of cn_htmlspecialchars, it helps
        to avoid XSS and displaying of the incorrecr encoding. There is a function of hiding the position of a Cutenews
        folder: 1) emoticons can be serialized in the way that allow hiding the source; 2) a download folder can be
        indicated at any specified place.

        The only way to know the location of a CN admin folder is the link 'register'. But it can be given by a
        web master only.


        The module CKEditor has been updated with the usage of the moono theme. Some in-built js-plugins for CKEditor
        were added.

    Rights system/ user groups

        One of the innovations is the new group division and the possibility to change their settings. In the previous
        versions of Cutenews there are only 4 groups of users: Administrator, Editor, Journalist and Commenter. Now
        there is one more group named Ban and you can add your groups. System groups can't be deleted but can be changed.
        You can reset all settings by default.

        Each group has its own set of rights, divided into 4 subgroups Configs, News, Comments, Behavior.

        You can't change admin rigths, his rigths can be only inherited. For inheritance of rights you need to select a
        specific group, and enter a different name - the group will be created with the same rights.

        For full / partial cascading rights to other groups, you can create subgroups (the field 'consist').

        It allows news editing. If the Editor is included into the group 'Journalist' so the right to edit news that is
        written by the Journalist is given only when the Editor is marked to have this right (edit group). There is a
        field 'edit all' that allows the Editor to edit all groups' news.

    Modules changes


        Backups are recorded via ZIP module, the same thing is about unpacking. You can record backups by your own.

        Text translation module (localization)

        The translation in the new CN version is implemented as a module. It should be noted that phrases are encoded by
        special tokens so it's impossible to know the original phrase. For the encoding of a new token you should enter
        the phrase that is found inside the function i18n (not all the phrases can be translated) and then enter the
        translated meaning. If there are substitutes %1, %2... %N in a phrase, they also can be used in the translated

        For instance, the token S620P616F600 codes the phrase 'Search Performed For'.

        Media manager

        Media manager was greatly improved, now it's possible to create subfolders, move files, upload images by a URL.
        A preview form was added as an icon next to a file's name. With this manager you can insert icons for
        categories, images to articles and extended fields.

        System configuration

        In the system configuration section CKEditor was added that allows correcting buttons location on the
        panel without any problems.

        Extended fields

        The advantage of the extended fields in the new version is the fact that they have different types: selectbox,
        text, image, price, checkbox. The field {avatar} was removed as it can be configured through  extended fields.
        The fields can be grouped in any order marking compulsory or not.

        With extended fields combined with the construction [if]...[/if] for templates it's possible to create
        programmed blocks of average complexity in templates themselves. For instance, to show this or that part of
        news when a certain checkbox is locked ot show an avatar if you have it, etc.
        Example: [if {avatar}]<img src="{avatar}"/>[/if]


        Two fields were added for templates: search form and print. The sub-template 'search form' allows managing a
        search form as you wish, 'print' allows setting the view of images for printing.


        Two improvements: opportunity to choose groups where this category will be shown, and the field 'memo' for
        explanation of a category.

        Categories have a name, an icon, and a list of groups. The category where a user enters will be shown.

        If a category has groups 'Editor' and 'Journalist' so 'Commenter' can't see the news of the same category.

        If the news has several categories and one of them doesn't allow a user to see it so he/she can't do it anyway.
        Listing of groups for a category does not depend on the level of user privileges, as only an administrator can
        create categories, but a group can be displayed only when it has a right to "show in category".

    Rewrite module

        Now mod_rewrite is available not as a plug-in (as in previous versions) but is integrated in the core of
        Cutenews. It allows avoiding incompatibility errors. For rewrite settings you need:

        The file .htaccess should be available at the root pf the site (if there is no such file, create it);

        Go to Dashboard > System configurations > Rewrite, lock 'Use rewrite engine';

        Point the correct route to the file where the news is shown. It's example.php by default, but you should
        change it with your own, for example index.php.;

        Point 'Rewrite prefix' and click 'Save'.

        After all these actions shortened links should appear on the site and their recognition should work.
        If Rewrite was previously used so you can save it. An example of the file .htaccess. Imagine that the folder
        with Cutenews is named 'Cutenews' and the prefix used is "/news/"
            RewriteEngine ON

            # Here the re-direct to an admin panel is made
            RewriteRule ^/?CuteNews/$ /CuteNews/index.php [L,R]

            # Your own rewrite
            RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
            RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/news
            RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /index.php?my_rewrite=$1 [L]

            # --- CUTENEWS[ST]
            RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
            RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
            RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /CuteNews/show_news.php?cn_rewrite_url=$1 [L]
            # --- CUTENEWS[ED]

    Installation and migration

        The installation is different now. If in the index of a users there is no any note (cdata/users.txt) the
        installation file will work that checks the recording function in the main folders and fills the first data for
        an administrator.

        Migration is always preformed after the installation in the module 'Maintenance'. See usage.html,,
        the section Upgrade.

        It should be noted that if the encoding was to 1.5.x or 1.4.x, for example, CP1251 (Windows-1251) or ISO,
        then while migration it is necessary to specify this encoding.

CuteNews 1.5.3 release notes.

1.0 Requirements

    - PHP 4.1.0 version is desired. Please use the older versions at your own risk;
    - There is “iconv” library available, in case of using a charset different from UTF-8.

2.0 Safety improvements

A   In order to authenticate and verify the security algorithm used XXTEA session Cookies. The essence of the method

    1. In the session is added REMOTE_ADDR to block repeated requests;
    2. Serialize $_SESS array into serialized string;
    3. Serialized string is encrypted using a randomly selected XXTEA with “salt” for the site;
    4. Encrypting a string is passed to the Cookies named `session`.

    What it gives?

    Protection against CSRF and open view of identification user data. In order to properly encrypt data and send them
    fraudulent manner, you need a “salt” and the IP address of the sender. Salt is unique for each site and set consists
    of a 512-bit encryption. The probability of selection of the cipher salt is actually zero. Each time you update a
    random number issued to confirm the return to the user, which is stored in an encrypted session.

    You also cannot resend the same token to another IP-address, since the encrypted data is IP-address of the sender
    and any attempt to send the wrong line leads to unlogin.

    However, nothing can protect any data from the session, and “listening” to, if not using a secure https-connection.
    To install it you have to buy a registrar certificate for your domain. Read more here


    The main problem in the web space is still spam. For writing news comments and for account registration captcha has
    been added, which uses session encryption mechanism through the Cookies, so that hacking by robot is impossible,
    too. The information is stored securely.

C   A function cleaning almost every XSS written by an offender in the comments or posts has been created.

D   Enhanced protection from the folder view with .htaccess has been added.