Blog Stats Extension Docs

Blog Stats is an extension that can be used to place entry, comment, and trackback statistics throughout your PivotX blog. It can be used to count all entries, comments, and trackbacks across all categories in your PivotX or across selected categories (or by omitting select categories), and show the counts per category. It is based off of the PivotLog extension Total Posts by Bram Nijmeijer (formerly known as Tenshi).


Setup and Configuration

Setup is as simple as putting a checkmark next to Blog Stats under the Extensions tab of your PivotX control panel.

Snippet Syntax (since version 1.4)

The minimal usage is:

[[ blogstats cat_format="some html" ]]
[[ blogstats user_format="some html" ]]

"Some html" would be replaced by a line of html depicting how the ouput is to be formated. See below for more details.

The snippet takes two required parameters—cat_format or user_format—but only one is required at a time. If either of these parameters is not set, there will be no output. Both of these parameters can be used at the same time.

Additionally, the snippet takes nine optional parameters:


Here is an example:

[[ blogstats
        prefix="Total Entries: <b>%entries%</b> || Total Comments: <b>%comments%</b><br />"
        cat_prefix="<br />Entries and Comments Per Category:<br />"
        cat_format='Entries in <a href="%cat-link%">%category%</a>: <b>%entries%</b> | Comments: <b>%comments%</b><br />'
	cat_include="my-ramblings, ubuntu, links"
        user_prefix="<br />Entries and Comments Per User:<br />"
        user_format='Entries by <a href="%user-link%">%user%</a>: <b>%entries%</b> | Comments: <b>%comments%</b><br />'
        user_include="geoffrey, andrew"

The example's output would look something like:

Total Entries: 318 || Total Comments: 838

Entries and Comments Per Category:
Entries in My Ramblings: 185 | Comments: 513
Entries in Links: 36 | Comments: 99
Entries in Ubuntu: 17 | Comments: 76

Entries and Comments Pers User:
Entries by Stingray: 199 | Comments: 613
Entries by Kragor: 39 | Comments: 75

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