Illegal drugs

The “typical” addiction in our society, which is what one talks about when one speaks of addicts, is an addiction to illegal drugs, some heroin, cocaine, LSD or something similar.

Addiction to one of these drugs is usually caused by so-called gateway drugs such as tobacco, alcohol or hashish.
In order to get a stronger effect, addicts sometimes switch to stronger drugs. Prolonged or heavy use of such drugs leads to a strong addiction, the addict's personality changes and the body becomes obsessed with watching.
Psychological damage such as paranoia, depression and anxiety are also very common. Largely associated with addiction is a financial problem as the drugs are very expensive to obtain.

Acquisition crimes such as theft or burglary or prostitution often occur.
Withdrawal is very difficult and not recommended without medical supervision. If you suffer from such a drug addiction, you should definitely contact an addiction Counseling Center, where they can help you get rid of the addiction.

Am I addicted to drugs? (Only in German language.)