Self-help group not there!

If there is no self-help group available in your city, simply send a short email through our Contact form and we will help you find one. Together, we can do better.

Self-help groups exist for many different topics and in various forms, all of which have one thing in common: people with the same problem, a common concern, or in a similar life situation come together to help each other. Affected individuals and their relatives experience help and solidarity in the self-help group, become active themselves, and take responsibility. Self-help can provide them with support and guidance for mental and physical illnesses, disabilities, or social issues. This makes self-help an important and recognized pillar of the German health and social care system.

Why does self-help actually work? The exchange with people who suffer from similar problems conveys a sense of being understood. People help each other with practical tips and strengthen their collective knowledge.

If you know of a self-help group, please let us know via our contact form.

Are you looking for a group specifically for borderline personality disorder? Some people with borderline personality disorder and their relatives have formed self-help groups only for those with the condition. Find out if there is already a group for borderline personality disorder or if there is a group that undertakes activities that you are also interested in.

Ways to find a group: Regional self-help centers: The self-help center in your region can provide you with information on whether there is a group near you or assist you in starting your own group.

Search engine: You can find self-help organizations or groups for all ages and topics directly in our search engine. You can enter your postal code or city. While there is no filter for "young" borderline individuals, you can see in the names and descriptions of self-help groups if they have age specifications.