Emergency case

Why should I have an emergency kit?

Every borderliner who has undergone DBT therapy knows how important it can be to pack your very own emergency kit of skills and always have them ready. In moments of high tension, you are often no longer able to gather your skills somewhere.

You always have direct access to an emergency case, because it should always be in the same place.
Of course, it should also be checked from time to time and refilled if necessary. Since in this case e.g. B. should also contain wine gum with chilli or ahoi fizzy drink, it is quite possible that you have already used them up and that one or the other is not available at the moment when you urgently need it.

That would be an ugly situation!

Every borderliner should strive to try out new skills again and again and, if necessary, to supplement the suitcase with new skills or to fill up the used ones. How different this case can be should be clear from the fact that everyone decides for themselves which skills will help them best and when.

Over time, this results in a skills chain that the borderliner works through when he gets stressed. So it's fair to say that there is a sequence of skills.

A borderline emergency kit can play an important role in getting help quickly in crisis situations. Here are some important things that should be included in such a suitcase:

It is important that each emergency kit is individually tailored to the needs and preferences of the person. An emergency kit can be a useful resource for finding support and protecting yourself in crisis situations.

If e.g. For example, with a tension of 3, a hedgehog ball is enough, but my tension cannot be reduced by it, I take a skill that I know has helped me with a tension of 4: e.g. a brush , with which I stroke my forearms. If that is no longer enough, I use the skills for tension 5, this could e.g. B. Stones in the shoes that I then walk in, or a cold shower. In this way, attempts are made to increase the stimuli and thereby bring oneself back into the here and now, to control one's tension and not to get into the area of ​​loss of control.

These chains probably look different on every Borderliner. What is important is that it serves the purpose and shows the desired success.