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Dear HelpDirect Donor,

anyone who sees the pictures on the internet and on television can hardly believe it. Lots of dead and missing, existence destroyed, fellow human beings who are faced with nothing from one moment to the next. We want to help! As in the past 20 years for disasters, we have set up a donation pool for this purpose.


With HelpDirect, Germany's first online donation portal, we have been supporting social projects around the world for over 20 years. We have received numerous awards for this: Federal Cross of Merit, State Order of Merit NRW, and many more.

With your donation to the flood donation pool, you support many local projects at the same time. With our more than 2,000 affiliated aid organizations, we can specifically support projects in the crisis organization. Support our flood donation pool with your donation and help our desperate compatriots on site. All of us who are not affected should now use our opportunities for solidarity!


Harold Meurer
Chairman of HelpDirect e.V.